There are many options in Montreal for anyone in need of a caffeine fix, and there is no shortage of locations to get a good takeout coffee nearby, thanks to a recent rise in coffee shops. In terms of cafés, Montreal is a haven. There are many choices for takeout coffee nearby at beautiful cafés all over the place. Let’s get started and have a look at our list of takeout coffee nearby.

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Canard Café

New takeout coffee nearby Canard Café is situated in Jersey City Urby skyscraper. Coffee, pastries, lunch, and other meals are available at the French café. The word "café" comes from the French practice of "canard," which is the sweet dipping of a sugar cube into the coffee. The food and drink menu Muller will provide at the Jersey City site will be similarly selected to that at Le District.

Le Carte

Because of its colorful decor and friendly service, this loft-like restaurant and boutique has long been a favorite of freelancers and provides some of the greatest lunch dishes in the city. In the center of Old Montreal, this one-of-a-kind combination of a great grocery, a restaurant, and a gourmet coffee shop is a must-visit for tourists in need of a caffeine fix.

Café Humble Lion

Do you ever feel the need for a delicious treat or cappuccino during a study break? There is a terrific assortment and a hip local vibe at this brand-new café directly across from Roddick Gates. A range of coffee beverages, teas, hot chocolate, and pastries are produced by this rustic-chic independent café. Offers a variety of milk options, and the pricing is reasonable given the high level of coffee quality.


Both an Old Montreal site and a cute tiny coffee shop are owned by Mercanti. In two charming locations, they offer perfect, genuine Italian coffee.

A particular roasting temperature and time are necessary for each variety of coffee beans. From a selection of coffee beans chosen especially by Gianni, they create their own house blend. The art of picking the right mix of beans to produce the ideal blend and bring out a distinctive flavor.


A distinctive blend of coffee and delectable sweets are offered at the delightful tiny Italian café Campanelli in Saint-Henri.

Barista, which makes its own mix of coffee beans for the restaurant, provides Campanelli with the coffee they serve. Espressos, lungos, macchiato, lattes, cappuccinos, and more can be had for between $2.25 and $4. Additionally, Campanelli has a menu of excellent desserts. They particularly enjoy their top-notch carrot cake and their top-notch lemon pie, both of which are favorites in the area.


For the first time in Montreal, nitro cold brew and coffee lemonade fizz were available on tap at this particular coffee shop. It is difficult to leave because of the satisfying breakfast and lunch selections, chocolate chip cookies, and muffins, in addition to vegan-friendly goodies.


Downtown and Monk land are the two places where MELK is located, and both are brimming with charm and fantastic coffee alternatives. The MELK Bar à Café is a wonderful jewel of the downtown area, tucked away in a cozy area between buildings.

This coffee and tea delivery near me is a chic pit stop for caffeine junkies, ideal for picking up a morning snack to power your day or catching up with friends for a fine cup of joe. To make the coffee bar even more,calming on the eyes, its minimalist style is accented by contemporary hardwood furniture and a few vibrant colors.

The Standard

Every two weeks, The Standard switches up its roasters; the constantly-changing menu of espresso bean tastes keeps regulars on their toes. The majority of the menu items are sweet; Brioche Tête in the trendy Mile End neighborhood makes fresh pastries, including donuts with Nutella on top and flavored brioches.

The sun is constantly shining through the windows, making the corner café cozy and warm, both metaphorically and literally. Unavoidable is the opulent design elements, such as the white marble, the black-and-gold accents, and the soft Deco chairs, which are only two minutes from Montreal's upscale Westmount neighborhood.


Dandy, which is located in the center of Old Montreal, is the ideal location for enjoying a sumptuous breakfast, lunch, coffee & pastries to go to, or a leisurely, boozy brunch. The cellar complements a sophisticated, yet welcoming food with a home delivery coffee near me service and an ambitious natural wine collection.

People-watching, watching the World Cup with other coffee enthusiasts, or having a quick cappuccino outdoor are all enjoyable activities at Café San Simeon. This coffee and tea shop near me also provide takeout service.

The carefully curated espresso-based menu includes classics like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiato. The milk is whole, and the coffee is strong, so avoid ordering almond or soy milk with fancy toppings. There are only two toppings available: cinnamon and chocolate.

Pikolo Espresso Bar

The McGill Ghetto's neighbor, this piccolo-sized café, is housed in a historic structure and is bursting at the seams with charming interior design and the aroma of Phil & Sebastian and Microtorrefacteur Saint-Henri Canadian roasts.

Tall windows, low-hanging industrial lighting, ornate woodwork, and even the espresso maker has wood panels, all of which combine to make a nice environment for bookworms and coffee connoisseurs. Enjoy pastries provided by Hof Kelsten and Godley Gormandizes while ordering the distinctive Pikolo, a demitasse-sized hybrid of a ristretto shot and a smooth latte.

Café Vito

Azzue’s brother and father are both from the coffee market, and Azzue spent 15 years working at Olimpico. The result of much practical experience is his namesake café in Ville ray’s previously ignored neighborhood. On weekends, beware of the big sidewalk crowds. You ought to go to one of Montreal's top coffee shops like this one for takeout coffee nearby.

Bottom Line

We have gathered a list of takeout coffee nearby for you in this guide. One of the simplest pleasures is sipping the greatest coffee in Montreal, which is the top inexpensive thing to do. In the realm of coffee, Montreal has established quite a reputation.